Producer Olivier Kaempfer visits Unit Academy Blackpool

14 May 2014

3 mins
Still from training video - kids in class.
Still from training video - kids in class.

Into Film members in Blackpool were given a great insight into how independent feature films get off the ground when producer Olivier Kaempfer came in for a Q&A session.

Olivier came in to talk about his new British indie film Borrowed Time, a comedic take on one of the most archetypal British genres - social realism. The students got to watch the film first, before getting the chance to grill Oliver about the making process.

Oliveir's answers covered just about everything. He explained to students how he selects the right project in the first instance, reading hundreds of scripts before deciding on the right one. He also demystified the budgeting process, with our members surprised to learn that all the cast and crew received the same basic industry wage from each day's filming.

When discussing how to make a script get a producer's attention, Olivier told our members to find a personal story that they love, using events from their own lives, but to keep in mind that using humour and seeing the funny side in everyday situations can really give a story a lift and help it stand out from the crowd.

Into Film Club leader Carolyn Quay had this to say about the event: "This was a fantastic opportunity to have Into Film come to the Academy and hear from a producer about how films really get made."

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