Top tips for making your own prosthetics and FX for Hallowe'en

28 Oct 2016

3 mins
Top tips for making your own prosthetics and FX for Hallowe'en

To celebrate Hallowe'en, Holy Rosary Primary School in Belfast visited Titanic Creative FX to find out how to make their very own fake blood - all out of materials found in the kitchen! See how the pupils got on in the video above.

Meanwhile, below, special effects artist Brian Kinney - who worked on the Hunger Games films - offers his own personal top tips after having visited Hazelwood College and Belfast Boys School to impart his own experience and wisdom.

Makeup Tips from Brian Kinney

  1. Food colouring (black or green + red) added to mouthwash and rinsed gives a great dark, rotten mouth effect.
  2. Strong hair gel mixed with instant coffee is great for creating a rotten slime effect on the skin or scalp.
  3. Mashed banana mixed with fake blood makes for a nice, fatty-looking wound filler.
  4. When making fake blood, adding condensed or powdered milk to food colouring and golden syrup will make the blood more opaque and realistic looking. The same applies when added to jelly, for edible organs and brains effect.
  5. Thinning fake blood on skin with a spritz of water will give it a more realistic consistency and coverage.

"The most enjoyable aspect of my visit was answering some great questions that really made me realise how thoughtful and engaged the students were. Encouragement and inspiration is invaluable at that age. If I successfully pursued a career in the creative arts and continue to be inspired, anyone can.

I most enjoy creating characters in my job. Every day is a new challenge, thinking on your feet, combining various skills and techniques, and collaborating with other creative minds. It's like being a kid at Hallowe'en every day."

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