Climate doc 'Rebuilding Paradise' leads this week's new releases

24 Sep 2020 in New Releases

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Rebuilding Paradise Image
Rebuilding Paradise Image

Many cinemas around the country are now open again and providing us with a plethora of new and exciting films to experience on the big screen. Although some of the bigger end-of-year releases have been pushed into 2021 in the hopes that cinemas will be reopening at full capacity soon, there are still plenty of exciting titles for young audiences to dive into.

This week, we take a look at a visually stunning American documentary with a strong focus on community and togetherness; a coming-of-age drama set in the world of local beauty pageants; and an accessible and informative documentary about the history of capitalism, potentially the single most important driving force of contemporary society.

New in cinemas this week

Rebuilding Paradise

On November 8, 2018, a major wildfire spread through the town of Paradise, California which ultimately killed 86 people and left thousands more temporarily displaced. In the aftermath of the natural disaster, families find themselves without homes and must decide whether they want to return to the town or move on. Combining the devastating effects of climate change with the stubborn resilience of the human spirit, this community-focused documentary may be harrowing in places but is ultimately hopeful.

Rebuilding Paradise is in cinemas now

Also in cinemas this week

Miss Juneteenth

Coming-of-age drama Miss Juneteenth follows a girl named Turquoise who is urged by her overbearing mother to follow in her footsteps as a beauty queen in the 'Miss Juneteenth' pageant, held in conjunction with a holiday that celebrates the emancipation of those enslaved in United States. What follows is a touching exploration of family, growing pains and societal expectations. 

Miss Juneteenth is in cinemas now.

Capital in the 21st Century

Made with a surprising verve and style despite a subject matter that may seem relatively dense, this entertaining documentary does a fantastic job of exploring the history of capitalism, educating and informing people on the strengths and weaknesses of the capitalist system and examining our future. Full of pop culture references and featuring some of the world's leading economic experts, Capital in the 21st Century is ideal for high school Business and Economics students.

Capital in the 21st Century is in cinemas now

We hope you look forward to enjoying and exploring the many treats cinemas has to offer when you feel ready and safe to do so; for more info on new requirements, procedures and safety protocols, please visit individual cinema websites as many venues will be operating under individual protocols. For more general information, please visit the LoveCinema homepage.

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New on DVD this week

Please note that our DVD service has now resumed after temporarily shutting down during the COVID-19 pandemic


Based on one of the best-loved English-language novels of the 19th century, Jane Austen's energetic tale of romance and youthful recklessness is brought back to the big screen with modern flair. Emma Woodhouse is a well-to-do young woman living in a small town in England. Believing that she has a particular skill in romantic matchmaking, she takes it upon herself to become involved in the love lives of her friends and family, causing social chaos and confusion. Emma must navigate through the pains of growing up to realise what love and romance really means to her in this mischievous and engaging social satire that retains its warmth and wit despite being written over two hundred years ago.

Also out on DVD this week

Cats; Greed; Waiting For Anya

Rounding off the DVD releases this week is the long-awaited film adaptation of the worldwide stage sensation Cats, a surreal musical taking place over one night in the strange and wonderful world of street cats looking for love and happiness. Greed is the latest film from British auteur Michael Winterbottom, loosely based on the real life of corrupt businessman Phillip Green, telling the story of a rich tyrant attempting to throw a lavish birthday party on a Greek island whilst everything gleefully falls apart around him. And lastly, Waiting for Anya is the newest literary adaptation from a Michael Morpurgo novel, author of War Horse. Set during World War Two and seen through the eyes of a 13-year-old boy named Benjamin, the film recounts the heroics of the French shepherds who helped smuggle young Jewish refugees into Spain before the Nazis could capture them.

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