Recycle Week: Young filmmakers on respecting the environment

12 Sep 2016

4 mins
Recycle Week: Young filmmakers on respecting the environment

After enjoying a fun day at the beach a boy decides to cool down with a bottle of water. Whilst no one is looking he dumps the empty bottle into the ocean instead of finding a bin...

This week marks Recycle Week, an annual celebration of reuse and recycling that aims to promote respect for the environment and educate people on the harmful effects their actions can have on the world we live in. To mark the occasion we're highlighting several brilliant green-themed videos that we've had submitted to us over the years. All of the videos are the result of filmmaking programmes and initiatives that we've run, including some from our ongoing Film of the Month competition, and even one from our recent Into Film: Into Space competition.

We Love North Devon: A Rubbish Story

Respect for the Environment

Watch our fantastic playlist of environmentally themed films made by young people here.

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Want to educate young people on the impact their actions can have on the environment? Download our Big Picture Project STEM resource in support of IMAX's A Beautiful Planet. The resource allows students to carry out scientific experiments and research into everyday water, waste and travel habits, and then apply an 'IMAX Scale Tool' to assess the huge potential impact for change in their school, country and across the UK.

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