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23 Mar 2015

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Gaslight still
Gaslight still

Each week we receive over 6,000 reviews on our website from across our network of over 10,000 film clubs, and at the Into Film Awards we took a look back to reward the best review of the year. 

Taking the top prize at the Into Film Awards was 14-year-old Mairi from St Ninians High School in Glasgow, who chose to review classic noir Gaslight, starring Ingrid Bergman. Read her fantastic review below.


'Gaslight', the psychological thriller directed by George Cukor, is a brilliant, tense, brilliantly tense film. It's about a Victorian couple who get married and move to London. However, the house they move to used to belong to the woman's aunt, who was murdered. This sets up a creepy, mysterious atmosphere.

I really liked 'Gaslight'. It plays with your mind, and you feel claustrophobic and trapped in the house. The directing is great: Cukor managed to use the dark setting to his advantage, with lots of shadows and many things left unseen. Ingrid Bergman as Paula, the wife being driven mad, was fantastic - you could tell from her face and her hysterical fits that she was going insane. You sympathise with her, but sometimes you want to shout at her to leave the house.

I wouldn't say that 'Gaslight' is scary, but it's very tense. There's a continuous sense of dread lingering over the plot and there were some moments when I was on the edge of my seat. Overall, 'Gaslight' is a great film. My only problem is that it ended with a jarring mood killing line.


Congratulations to Mairi, and to the other two nominees: 12-year-old Daniel from Dunraven School Film Club in London and 5-year-old Ethan from The William Pinkerton Memorial Primary School in Belfast. If you want to make your reviews stand out like Mairi, Daniel and Ethan's, download our review writing guides below.

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