Students get make-up masterclass with Opening Minds, Transforming Live

23 Jul 2014

3 mins
Spob O'Brien in school visit
Spob O'Brien in school visit

Film club members at The Swinton High School in Pendlebury, Greater Manchester, were treated to some expert industry interaction recently by make-up artist Sharon 'Spob' O'Brien, in a visit held in partnership with BAFTA.

Spob had a captive audience of 20 future media studies students keen to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. The film buffs were able to quiz her on her experience of working with some of the world's biggest stars including Leonardo DiCaprio, Helena Bonham Carter and Colin Firth, and on films such as Inception, The King's Speech and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Spob then gave students a makeover of their own, using her expertise to show them how to create cuts, scars and bruises, without any of the pain. Students were then able to use Spob's tips to have a go themselves.

Today I really felt that the students learnt in a fun way and had a view into a world that had previously seemed beyond their reach. It is important to show young people that there is a clear career path for life within a wonderful industry, which is built upon team work.

Make-up artist, Sharon O'Brien

Opening Minds, Transforming Lives

The Swinton High School are currently part of our Opening Minds, Transforming Lives project which seeks to engage disadvantaged young people in the Greater Manchester area.

The overall aims of the project are to increase the personal, educational and vocational development of children and young people in Greater Manchester's most deprived areas, increasing social cohesion in the community.

We will be providing even more industry interaction events such as this over the course of the project, which finishes in 2016, as a way to demystify the film industry and show the vast array of jobs that are available within it.

Opening Minds, Transforming Lives is funded by the Big Lottery Fund, and supported by local arts and education organisations including Manchester Museum, Z-arts and Cornerhouse Cinema.

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