New short films on Into Film+ explore young people’s experiences

26 Apr 2023

4 mins

Short film is a creative and sensitive medium for expressing ideas that can otherwise be difficult to communicate. Seeing relatable scenarios playing out on screen through engaging stories and eye-catching visuals can help young people's personal and social development. These new short films explore mental health, social skills, self-confidence, and how to deal with challenges, and they are available to stream for free on Into Film+.

The Girl Behind The Mirror (7 - 14)

This Brazilian animation explores the inner world of a transgender child, whose feelings of isolation and self-expression are visualised through a magical adventure. Gustavo is a young child who wants to play with make-up and dresses but is intimidated into hiding in their bedroom. Help comes in the form of Helena, a kind and confident young girl who magically appears in the bedside mirror and invites Gustavo into a parallel universe. This colourful and sweet story is highly accessible thanks to its characters and relatable themes of family, childhood, and friendship.

I Am Good At Karate (11+)

Deeply personal feelings are also represented through visual means in this British short film, in which a young teenager known as Karate Kid confronts his inner demons, who have taken the shape of a colourful monster who follows him around. Like a voice of self-doubt inside one's head, the monster tries to put Karate Kid down. This creative film offers young audiences an example of methods that can help tackle anxiety and build resilience.

Homebound (14+)

Continuing the theme of introspection, this experimental documentary gathers together some of the deep thoughts on life and connections that young people were having during the 2020 lockdown. A peculiar time marked by empty streets, the tedium of one's bedroom and a renewed appreciation of nature, the experiences and impressions of the anonymous contributors of this project are crystallised in a profoundly poetic short film. These shared reflections may offer catharsis and inspiration to young audiences searching for their own expression.

Drop Out (14+)

Comedy can also be an excellent outlet to explore life's challenges. In this short film, a young rapper named Tobi is offered an exciting opportunity to go on tour, but it means that he'll have to drop out of university and consequently, face his mother's wrath for abandoning his studies. With a touch of imagination and much hilarity, Tobi ponders how he should handle this awkward conversation. The film explores the complexities of being a second-generation immigrant and an artist as well the role of a parent in a young person's life.

Maddie (14+)

Choices and awkward conversations are also at the centre of this short drama. Maddie, a high school student, seems flattered when an older boy strikes up a conversation with her in a park. Yet what starts as an innocent chat about the Ramones quickly turns into a situation that makes Maddie feel uneasy, though she seems to have trouble vocalising exactly why. Poignantly portraying the subtleties of manipulative behaviour, Maddie is a modern tale about growing up and learning to listen to your instinct.

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