Young filmmaker Siri Rødnes visits Edinburgh high school

08 Dec 2014

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Siri Rødnes visits Forrester High School, Edinburgh
Siri Rødnes visits Forrester High School, Edinburgh

Young up-and-coming British filmmaker Siri Rødnes recently visited a high school in Edinburgh to talk about her career in the film industry, and to partake in hands-on filmmaking sessions with young people.

Visiting Forrester High School in Edinburgh, Rødnes introduced herself and discussed her life and career, which includes writing, directing and filmmaking, and showed clips of her work, before delving into several workshops on developing filmmaking and acting skills with pupils.

Rødnes has worked on several well-regarded projects, including a documentary about gender equality in science called A Chemical Imbalance, and a collaboration with award-winning author Ursula K. LeGuin on an adaptation of her story The Field of Vision. Rødnes has also worked on Scottish/Swedish co-production Future My Love, and will return to the theme of gender in an upcoming project, about a young girl is more interested in so-called male pursuits than female ones, and the journey she undertakes to embrace this.

As well as being in a position to offer filmmaking tips and advice, Rødnes' commitment to addressing serious issues makes her an excellent role model for children and young people to aspire to.

Rødnes has been giving our pupils hands-on experience of what its like to be a filmmaker, and she's been working with them on a couple of workshops on filming and acting skills. Its been absolutely fantastic. The kids have learnt so much today.

Julie Sutherland, Librarian at Forrester High School

Siri Rødnes' visit is another example of our commitment to getting young people interested in filmmaking, and having the opportunity to gain hands-on experience behind the camera. The children and young people at Forrester High School were enthusiastic and eager to learn from Rødnes, and were inspired to consider filmmaking as a career path to aspire to. We're thrilled that Rødnes herself was left similarly inspired:

A really fantastic afternoon working with the kids at Forrester High School, they had lots of energy and it was as much a learning experience for me as it was for them.

Siri Rødnes, director, writer and filmmaker
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