The Crossing: a short film on the horrors of trafficking

10 Dec 2019 in Film Features

4 mins
The Crossing
The Crossing

It is astonishing to be reminded that, in 2019, slavery still exists. It may not take the same form as some of the horrific human rights abuses of the past, but the modern incarnation of slavery and trafficking is just as reprehensible and yet goes largely unreported around the world.

The Crossing, a new blend of film and art installation, aims to shed a light on the personal stories and startling destruction caused by human trafficking. Originally shown in a gallery where visitors could interact with its split screen technology, The Crossing can now be seen on home devices whilst maintaining its powerful message. 

In support of the United Nations Human Rights Day, which is held on 10 December every year, we invite you to watch this short piece and consider the ways in which the rights of everyone around the world can be upheld.

Before ViewingFind out more information on the suitability of the film for the classroom and witness a number of reactions from teenagers who viewed the film in its original format.

To find out more about this project and the amazing technology used to create it, as well as an introduction from Emma Thompson, please follow these links below.

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