Children's animation The Queen's Corgi leads this week's new releases

03 Jul 2019 in New Releases

3 mins

When adorable corgi Rex joins the Queen's household at Buckingham Palace, he soon grows into her favourite pet. However, one of his fellow corgis, Charlie, becomes jealous, wanting the title of ‘top dog' for himself. Deciding to rid himself of the competition, Charlie tricks Rex who winds up in a dog pound alongside a variety of pooches of all shapes and sizes. With help from his fellow inmates, whom he quickly befriends, Rex must escape from the pound so that he can return to his rightful place at the palace. The Queen's Corgi is an animation packed full of silly humour which celebrates the British royal family as well as the country's love of dogs.

Also out in cinemas this week

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spidey is back on the big screen after 2017's Homecoming. After suffering a recent personal loss, Peter Parker decides to take some time for himself and joins his classmates on a school trip around some of Europe's most famous cities. However, it is not long before he is contacted by Nick Fury and the enigmatic Mysterio, who ask for his assistance in investigating a new, potentially devastating, threat that has awakened. Set in the immediate aftermath of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man returns in this action-packed superhero sequel that also touches upon themes of growing up, grief and responsibility.

New to Order on DVD

Fighting With My Family

Coming to home cinema this week is sporting comedy Fighting With My Family. Like many siblings, Norwich teenagers Zak and Saraya Knight enjoy a spirited brawl, performing wrestling moves on each other in their living room. Seeking to follow in the footsteps of their wrestler parents the two are thrilled to make the trip down to London for try-outs, in the knowledge that successful candidates will be invited onto the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) development program. Though Saraya is initially elated when she's offered such an opportunity, she is devastated to learn that her brother won't be joining her, soon realising the sacrifices that are needed to make it in the business. Fighting With My Family is a feel-good comedy about identity, outsiders and following your dreams.

Also out on DVD this week

Lastly, Vox Lux, a lament to fame and fortune, is also out on DVD this week. Following a violent and devastating mass shooting at her school, young teenager Celeste performs a heartfelt song at the community memorial service which is subsequently picked up by TV cameras and broadcast around the world, transforming her into a star. Following her childhood as a burgeoning star then jumping forward in time to her adult years, Vox Lux is an intimate and tragic exploration of stardom, celebrity culture and trauma with two equally powerful performances from youngster Raffey Cassidy and Natalie Portman as Celeste.

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