Verity Wislocki visits Blenheim High School

01 Dec 2014

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Verity Wislocki visits Blenheim High School, Surrey
Verity Wislocki visits Blenheim High School, Surrey

As part of our Meet The Industry programme, in partnership with BAFTA, post-production expert Verity Wislocki recently visited a high school in Surrey to impart her knowledge and experience of the film industry to young people.

I find it really interesting actually, hearing from a real life post-production person working in the film industry. It gives insight into what actually happens when they are making films, and it's inspired me to look further into it.

Blenheim High School student Charlie

Verity Wislocki has worked in the editing department for films both big and small, acting as post-production coordinator, manager and supervisor on projects such as Children of Men and The Imitation Game.

Visiting Blenheim High School in Epsom, Surrey, Verity took part in a Q&A with young people from the school. The pupils took to the Q&A readily, and were given a wonderful insight into the film industry, and left encouraged that a career in film is something they can aspire to and achieve. 

Part of this project and indeed our wider work is in demystifying the film industry, showing the various avenues and career trajectories available to young people within it. By reaching out to experienced professionals like Verity, students get a look at life behind the camera to see how films get made, increasing their respect for the industry and hopefully inspiring them to make films themselves, and consume even more great cinema via legal means.

Samantha Davis, teacher at Blenheim High School, also saw the value in this special industry visit:

It was inspirational for our students to meet Verity. She made them feel like they could pursue a career in the film industry if they worked hard and pursued all opportunities open to them.

Samantha Davis, teacher

We were thrilled with how engaged the pupils were with Verity's insight, and we will continue to bring about in school visits of this type to help highlight film as a potential career path and educator.

I hope it gives them the confidence to go for it, if that's what they want to do, and not feel that they don't have the right to try and get into the TV and Film industry.

Verity Wislocki
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