Women working in film: Gone Too Far's filmmakers

27 Oct 2014

3 mins
Gone Too Far filmmakers
Gone Too Far filmmakers

Recently we were very proud to be able to bring writing and directing duo Destiny Ekaragha and Bola Agbaje to Levenshulme High School, Manchester for an in-school visit.

The pair, behind recent British feel-good comedy Gone Too Far! ventured to the girls school in Greater Manchester to screen their new film and share their experiences as women working in today's film industry.

Gone Too Far is the feature length debut for both director Destiny and writer Bola, a story following two estranged Nigerian brothers, Yemi and Ikudayisi who get into a series of scrapes following Ikudayisi's arrival in South London from Nigeria. Funny, touching and dealing with themes surrounding identity, heritage and cultural differences, Gone Too Far made for fine viewing material for the 150 girls at Levenshulme High School who attended our event. One student, Javeria, aged 12 certainly agreed, saying, "[Gone Too Far] encourages you to treat people better and how to make the world better around you. It's really good, Destiny and Bola took those lessons and made it into a fun film."

To have two women come into a girl's school and show them they too can achieve and do well was an incredible feeling.

Gone Too Far director Destiny Ekaragha

Following the screening Destiny and Bola sat down with students for an insightful Q&A talking about experiences working as women in the film industry. Speaking candidly on their careers to date, both women offered advice on how girls at Levenshulme could break into the film industry and not to be worried about their potential careers. Bola herself explained, "It's good to be able to tell young people that it's okay not to know what they want as a career and that they will figure it out eventually, because Destiny and I figured it out eventually. Young people should be allowed to consider doing things they enjoy, and film is a great avenue for them."

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