Youth Advisory Council applications are open - apply today

30 Jun 2021

5 mins
Youth advisory council in Into Film HQ
Youth advisory council in Into Film HQ

Applications to be part of our Youth Advisory Council for 2021/22 are now closed for England and Wales. Limited spaces are available on YAC in Scotland and Northern Ireland. If any of your students are aged between 10-18 and would like to have similar unique experiences and gain a window into the film industry then please download and read the YAC application pack below to find out more about the programme and how to apply.



Youth Advisory Council - Application Pack 2021

Application pack for Into Film's Youth Advisory Council.

Size: 686kb

All YAC members are considered to be a core part of the Into Film team, advising us on topics such as content on Into Film's website, our latest resources, our new Into Film+ platform, and the Into Film Festival's themes, strands and topics. Their passion and expertise will then shape what we change, what we keep the same and how we continue to make Into Film as good as it can possibly be.

Beyond that, our YAC members help us to judge some competitions, and once in a while, even get to attend exciting events as an official Into Film representative. Recently, YAC members hosted a Q&A with James Bond and Into Film trustee Barbara Broccoli and judged films for Encounters Film Festival. Being a part of the Youth Advisory Council is also a great step in young peoples' professional development, and will be useful in whatever career route they embark on.

The Youth Advisory Council is based in five locations: Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff, London, and Salford, and meet regularly throughout the academic year. Do you know anyone that would be a good fit for the Youth Advisory Council? If so, download the YAC application form above and get them to apply today!

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