Raising Literacy Through Film Level 1

Explore exciting approaches to improve literacy through film and come away with a range of activities to try out with your learners.

Raising Literacy Through Film Level 1

Participants of this training will be introduced to a series of tools, including the 3Cs (character, colour, camera) and 3Ss (story, setting, sound), which build teachers' abilities to help their learners contextualise and decode film, learning key literacy skills such as inference, deduction and analysis which can be applied to film and other texts.

The session includes practical activities such as Sound on/Vision off, Tell Me grids, Role on the Wall, Venn Diagrams and predictive writing, while incorporating the skills of filmmaking through Record and Playback and Shoebox Set Design.

Each activity is designed to help build on a learner's comprehension, analytical and writing skills and includes an opportunity for curriculum-focused filmmaking and extended writing.

Each participant will receive a free downloadable PowerPoint, which includes film clips, as well the 3Cs and 3Ss dice and worksheet. All materials for this session were created in collaboration with the BFI, Bradford Media Literacy, the Northern Ireland Creative Learning Centres, NATE and our network of specialist practitioners.

Absolutely loved it. Did not realise how engaging it would be and how accessible it is for kids.

Robert Hughes, Teacher

Below are a selection of resources and articles that complement our Raising Literacy Attainment Through Film (Level 1) training.

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