Raising Literacy Through Film Level 1

Explore exciting approaches to improve literacy through film and come away with a range of activities to try out with your learners.

Raising Literacy Through Film Level 1

This session will explore exciting approaches to teach literacy through film and a range of engaging activities to try out with your learners.

We'll introduce you to a key framework, which will help you to break analysis down into manageable chunks for your learners. You'll take part in fun literacy-focused activities, using highlights from engaging short films while also developing your knowledge of the basic elements of film. You'll come away with some great ideas to help learners develop their comprehension, analytical and creative writing skills all through the excitement of film.

After the session, you'll have access to the session presentation which includes film highlights and ready-made activities that you can run with your learners.

Absolutely loved it. Did not realise how engaging it would be and how accessible it is for kids.

Robert Hughes, Teacher

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