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Roald Dahl Day
13 September

Though his novels were written many years ago, Roald Dahl remains one of the world's most popular children's authors. His stories have been told and re-told from generation to generation, many of them adapted for the big screen with incredible results. This primary teaching resource explores many film adaptations of his most popular stories, from Matilda and The Witches, to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Fantastic Mr Fox. The cross-curricular activities are accompanied by film clips, an interactive quiz, activity sheets and curriculum links.To celebrate Roald Dahl Day on September 13th (which was the author's birthday), a separate presentation designed to use in assembly, can also be found below. Also available in Scottish Gaelic. 

Ged a tha na nobhailean aige air an sgrìobhadh iomadh bliadhna air-ais, tha Roald Dahl fhathast aon de nan ùghdaran cloinne as feillmhoire san t-saoghal. Tha na sgeulachdan aige air a bhith air bilean an t-sluaigh bho ghinealach gu ginealach, mòran dhiubh air am cuimseachd airson an cinema le toraidhean iongantach. Tha an stòras bun-sgoile seo a' rùrachadh iomadh fiolmaichean a' tighinn bhon sgeaulachdan aige, bho Matilda, The Witches, gu Charlie and the Chocolate Factory agus Fantastic Mister Fox. Tha an gnìomh eadar-chuspairean seo air a chuideachadh le duilleagan-obrach agus ceanglaichean churraicealam. Airson latha Roald Dahl a ghleidheadh, air an 13mh latha an t-Sultain (an co-là-breith aige), tha taisbeanadh eile gus cleachdadh ann an cruinneachadh na seachdainn ga lorg gu h-ìosal.

This resource includes


Roald Dahl air Film

Roald Dahl air Film PDF

Size: 1.22 MB

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Roald Dahl Day assembly: Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

This PowerPoint presentation is the Roald Dahl assembly.

Size: 46.54 MB

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Roald Dahl on Film FINAL.pptx

This PowerPoint presentation accompanies the Roald Dahl on Film resource.

Size: 124.82 MB

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Roald Dahl on Film Minibeasts Quiz

A minibeasts quiz to accompany the Roald Dahl on Film resource.

Size: 8.30 MB

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Roald Dahl on Film teachers' notes

This PDF contains activity outlines and worksheets for Roald Dahl resource.

Size: 4.20 MB

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Roald Dahl quiz meanbh biastagan

Roald Dahl quiz meanbh biastagan PPTX

Size: 8.26 MB

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Roald-Dahl-air-fiolm PPTX

Size: 74.81 MB

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Steven Spielberg talks through his new film and Roald Dahl's best book The

Steven Spielberg talks about The BFG

Steven Spielberg talks about The BFG

Duration: 0:40 secs

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Being a child actor can be quite the experience and leave you with plenty o

Interview with actor Freddie Highmore

Freddie Highmore, gives advice on how to get into film.

Duration: 3:50 mins

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