Careers in Film Through Art and Design

Pupil drawing.
Pupil drawing.


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Art Direction: Cultivating Creative Vision Through Art and Design

Are you an Art or English teacher? Frame your next creative lesson through the role of an Art Director, as pupils design a room for their favourite film or book character. Introduce this task by bringing out the hidden detective in your pupils, by challenging them to examine a film still of your choice. As well as developing learners' powers of deduction, we focus their attention on the importance of visual design in films and in meaning-making.

This resource is aimed for use with pupils aged 7-14 and designed for flexible delivery in a variety of contexts: in subject-specific lessons, specific careers lessons, or during an Into Film Club. 

Download the free resource to inspire your pupils and help broaden their understanding of future job roles available to them.  

This resource includes


Careers in Film - Art - Art Director

An introduction to Art Direction through Art-linked activities.

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Art Direction through Art and Design

Industry visits talk with Art Director, Lydia Fry.

Duration: 3:17 mins

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Art and Design

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What our educators say

"As an alternative provision for learners who are not in mainstream school we use your resources in a slightly different way as they generally find it hard to watch a full length film. They are, however fantastic. "