Short Films for Primary Teaching

Fulfilament (British Council Shorts 2016 - Primary)
Fulfilament (British Council Shorts 2016 - Primary)




Short (1-4 activities)


England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

This set of resources is suitable for use in the classroom for teacher delivery or to be used independently by learners at home to develop their understanding of the 3Cs and 3Ss of film (story, sound, setting; colour, character and camera). Through the medium of short films, selected in partnership with the British Council, each lesson contains a downloadable PowerPoint Presentation which includes embedded film clips and an accompanying activity outline document with pupil-facing activity sheets.

Resources in this collection: 

1. Teaching Character (5-11): British Council Shorts

Litterbugs | Peter Stanley-Ward | 2015 | 15 mins

When local bullies turn their eye on Alice, a young inventor with lots of creative ideas, pocket-sized superhero Stanley steps in to avenge her. But when his imaginary superhero world is overpowered by the same bullies, it's Alice's clever gizmos that come to the rescue. Together, they become The Awesome Squad. A sweet tale of cleverness, strength and friendship joining forces in the fight against bullying.

Curriculum links: PSHE, English/Literacy


2. Teaching Colour (5-11): British Council Shorts

Fulfilament | Rhiannon Evans | 2015 | 7 mins

Delve inside the brain and go on an adventure with a little lightbulb desperate to find its place in the world and ultimately spark that great idea. A visually brilliant non-dialogue animation.

Curriculum links: English/Literacy, Art & Design  


3. Teaching Sound (5-11): British Council Shorts

Once Upon a Blue Moon | Steve Boot | 2015 | 3 mins

A funny stop motion animation about a lonely blue alien who finds a friend when an explorer robot lands on his planet. The visitor is on a serious mission to take photographs of rocks but finds his plans disrupted by the cheeky alien's wish to play.

Curriculum links: Music, English/Literacy, PSHE


4. Teaching Story (5-11): British Council Shorts

Take Your Partners | Siri Rodnes | 2015 | 7 mins

An 8-year-old challenges expectations when required to make an Easter bonnet with the girls in her class. Bravely subverting gender conventions, she also learns that the grown-up world is not quite so black and white in this sensitive and heartening drama.

Curriculum links: English/Literacy

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  • English
  • Music
  • PSHE Education

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