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He Named Me Malala - Doc Academy
He Named Me Malala - Doc Academy




Medium (5-11 activities)

This six-lesson series for students aged 16+ uses short clips from the absorbing documentary He Named Me Malala to consider the importance of unity, peace and education in the face of terrorism. Learners will develop English skills, including writer's purpose, and stimulate creative and non-fiction writing. 

Lesson One - Introducing Malala 

Introduces Malala to students, comparing an extract of her autobiography with that of Nelson Mandela's to better understand the writer's craft, culminating in a comparative essay. 

Learning Objective:

  • To compare and contrast the writer's craft in two texts.

Clip(s) to Use - Clip 1: Malala's Story  

Lesson Two - Finding Forgiveness 

Explores the power of forgiveness across history and the vital role it can play in progress, inspiring students to write creative, powerful narratives on the theme, using imagined narrative perspectives. 

Learning objective:  

  • To develop a convincing narrative voice

Clip(s) to Use - Clip 2: Malala's Prognosis

Lesson Three - Malala Campaigns in Nigeria 

Highlights the importance of positive communication in dealing with complex political issues, using Malala's visit to Nigeria to campaign for the return of 219 kidnapped schoolgirls to develop a socratic discussion. 

Learning objective:

  • To contribute to a group discussion.

Clip(s) to Use - Clip 3: Malala in Nigeria 

Lesson Four - Malala's Visit to a Refugee Camp 

Examines newspaper coverage of refugee camps, inviting students to develop their analysis of language and tone, before writing their own non-fiction composition, based on independent research that learners undertake. 

Learning objective:  

  • To comment on the purpose and audience of a text.

Clip(s) to Use - Clip 4: Malala Visits Syria

Lesson Five - Speaking Out 

Students examine the unequal nature of girls' education in developing countries, before focusing on persuasive writing skills to chat a powerful piece of writing that uses Malala's activism as a platform for ideas.  

Learning objective:  

  • To craft language to persuade.

Clip(s) to Use - Clip 5: Malala Speaks Out 

Lesson Six - United Nations 

Explores the power of public speech and the impact that carefully phrased language features can have, using talks by both Malala and her father, culminating in a persuasive redraft of one of Malala's striking speeches.  

Learning objective:  

  • To adapt language to suit purpose and audience.

Clip(s) to Use - Clip 6: Malala's UN Speech

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This Resource Supports

  • Citizenship
  • Human Rights
  • English
  • Media Studies
  • Politics
  • Religious Education

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