Sport on Film: Fair Play in Football

This resource comprises a range of activities looking at fair play in footb
This resource comprises a range of activities looking at fair play in footb


All ages


Medium (5-11 activities)

This resource, suitable for learners aged 7 and over, uses football on film as a vehicle for instilling a sense of fair play, respect towards others and team building.

The structure of the resource follows that of a football match - with each section titled accordingly, from First Half to Stoppage Time - and activities can be cherry-picked by you to fit into your planning and the time you have available.

All of the activities can be used in the classroom, in an Into Film Club setting, or for home learning, while some activities can be adapted for language learning opportunities (as explained in the activity outlines).

You may wish to use these activities as part of a series of lessons during this World Cup period, or you could use the Extra Time activities as home learning during the school holidays.


This resource is intended to discuss issues around football inspired by its portrayal on film and is not specific to the 2022 competition.

Qatar, the host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, has faced international condemnation of its anti-LGBTQ+ laws, human rights abuses and treatment of migrant workers building the infrastructure for the tournament.

Into Film’s stance on inclusivity, one of our core values, means that we want to celebrate the spirit of the World Cup and hope that the 2022 competition will reflect FIFA’s motto of ‘For the game. For the world’. This includes embracing fairness, safety and equality for everyone involved, from labourers to players and spectators.


?Mae’r adnodd yn addas i'w ddefnyddio gyda dysgwyr 7 oed a h?n. Nod yr adnodd yw meithrin ymdeimlad o chwarae teg, parch at bobl eraill, a datblygu tÎm, gan ddefnydio pêl-droed ar ffilm fel ffordd i drafod a deall hyn. 

Mae strwythur yr adnodd hwn yn dilyn patrwm gêm bêl-droed, gyda theitl pob adran yn cyd-fynd â’r strywthur hwnnw. Bydd modd i addysgwyr ddewis a dethol y gweithgareddau yn unol â’r cynllun a’r amser sydd ar gael. Mae modd defnyddio’r holl weithgareddau yn yr ystafell ddosbarth, yng Nghlybiau Into Film, neu fel adnodd i ddysgu gartref. Mae modd addasu rhai o’r gweithgareddau I gyd-fynd â chyfloedd dysgu iaith fel yr esbonnir yn yr amlinelliad o’r gweithgareddau. Efallai yr hoffech chi ddefnyddio’r gweithgareddau fel rhan o gyfres o wersi yn ystod cyfnod Cwpan y Byd neu ddefnyddio’r gweithgareddau Amser Ychwanegol fel gweithgareddau ar gyfer dysgu gartref.   

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