Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe characters
Robinson Crusoe characters




Short (1-4 activities)


England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

This engaging resource features a series of activities for use in your classroom or club to inspire pupils to think creatively and demonstrate outstanding communication and problem solving skills. Activities encourage children to engage with the quirky colourful characters in Robinson Crusoe, including Tuesday the Parrot, Scrubby the Goat and Rosie the Tapir, exploring their personalities and their island home using verbal and non-verbal communication effectively. Activities can be used in their entirety or as engaging starter or extension activities in an existing lesson or workshop. IN CINEMAS 6 MAY, WITH PREVIEWS 30 APRIL, 1 and 2 MAY.

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  • Languages
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy

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Updating our resources

We have developed a large catalogue of educational resources since launching in 2013, and some references and terminology will inevitably have dated as society and language evolves. We are aware of this and will be updating resources when our production schedule allows.

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