Your Film Club, Your Way: Animation

The Boy who Plants Trees
The Boy who Plants Trees

Animation is an enduringly popular style of film, and this approach will help you to take your pupils on an exciting journey to making their own animation. By watching several short animations and completing engaging activities, they'll learn to plan their story, characters and settings, add sound and colour and record it all using tablets or cameras. This resource shows the varied animation techniques that can be used and teach club members how to edit and share their films.

The Your Film Club, Your Way: Animation resource breaks the animation process down into six stages, which we have called 'sessions':

  • Session 1: Viewing
  • Session 2: Development
  • Session 3: Pre-production
  • Session 4: Production
  • Session 5: Post-production
  • Session 6: Exhibition and distribution

Each session provides ideas and step-by-step instructions for activities that can be condensed or extended and delivered over timescales that suit you. How much time and detail you'd like your club members to go into at each stage is up to you - after all, it's your film club, your way.



You can also sign-up for our Filmmaking and Animation in the Classroom online course, which will help you learn how to further use simple filmmaking and animation to bring learning to life, and aid cross-curricular attainment and assessment.

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