Stop Motion Animation Level 1

Examine ways stop motion animation can be used as a framework for a range of curricular needs as well as community filmmaking projects.

Stop Motion Animation Level 1

In this session, you'll watch a variety of animations and learn how to analyse and create them.

Together, we'll explore narrative, planning and design through professional and youth-made claymation, silhouette, paper cutout and pixilation animations. You'll discover how simple it can be to make stop-frame animations with children and young people, using whatever recording technology you have access to - whether that be digital cameras, iPads or smartphones. You'll also learn how you can enhance them further with free, easy-to-use editing software.

You'll come away from the session with your own short animation as well as resources to help you inspire the animators of the future! 

A very informative and fun training session. Picked up lots of techniques and ideas for using with children with SEN.

Amanda Jeffs, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Bowling Park Primary, Bradford

Extend your learning

Below are a selection of online courses, resources and articles that complement our Stop Motion Animation training.

Lovely practical ideas that are easy to fit into the curriculum.

Kirsty Garnett, Teacher, St Joseph's Primary, West Yorkshire
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