Do I need a licence?

Running an Into Film Club or using one of our resources may involve the screening of films or film clips in your classroom, youth centre, or other environment. Using film in a classroom to assist with teaching does not require a licence, however, all other screenings - in an after school, or a non-curriculum related setting - require a public video screening licence (PVSL), regardless as to whether you are using your own DVDs, or obtaining them via our Club catalogue. All of the films on our catalogue are covered by the PVSL offered by Filmbankmedia and this is the licence required to start an Into Film Club.

Licences are also available through the Motion Picture Licensing Company. Please take the time to investigate which licence will cover your film watching. You may find you require both as they hold the rights to different films. You can find out more information on their websites.

If you are a state-funded English school, your licence is paid for by the Department for Education. In Northern Ireland, our funding from Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure enables us to support the licence costs for some schools. Welsh schools have to pay for their own licences, with the exception of those in Cardiff, Conwy, and the Vale of Glamorgan. Most schools in Scotland will already have a licence, and we are able to provide support to those that don't on a case-by-case basis.

Licences run from 1 April - 31 March for schools, and 1 May - 30 April for non-school settings. The cost is based on the number of pupils for schools, or number of Into Film Club members for non-school settings. Under the PVSL, where a club is held outside of school, only the club itself is licenced, rather than the venue in which the club meets.

Filmbankmedia do not send out a certificate or agreement to individual schools or clubs in non-school settings. However, they keep records of who has obtained one and will send you annual renewal reminders. You will also be required to regularly report on the films you have been watching.

For any further questions on licensing, contact us directly here.