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Changing Our Teaching Practice

Joan Kennedy, Teacher, St Patrick's and St Brigid's Primary School

Full Steam Ahead has had a personal effect on me, making me want to watch more films so I can build up my knowledge as a viewer. The level and amount of training we've received has been amazing. I've loved teaching with film and the green-screen training in particular was very easy to incorporate into the curriculum.

With a wealth of resources available, it's a refreshing way to deliver essential literacy skills. The process of discussing a film brings out more from children, especially those with poor written literacy skills. Pupils find film discussions easier and have opportunities to shine, regardless of writing abilities, while acquiring core literacy skills that they can transfer to reading. For example, commenting on a novel, one child realised that a character must have a bearing on the story later, otherwise, why were they introduced into the book? 

"I've been impressed by their groupwork skills, pride in their films, and ability to peer and self-evaluate."

Joan Kennedy, KS2 Teacher, St Patick's and St Brigid's Primary School

Pupils love filmmaking and have sophisticated ideas about what they want to do. They've picked up skills quickly and are creatively ambitious, because of what they've watched. I've been impressed by their groupwork skills, pride in their films, and ability to peer and self-evaluate.

The ‘buzz' created with visiting artists has meant that the whole school is aware of the project. I've had FS, KS1 and KS2 colleagues asking ‘is there anything I could do in my class? I'd love to try this!' It's helped make the ‘Film and Animation' desirable feature of UICT truly cross-curricular. As UICT coordinator, staff seen me as the technical go-to person, but now I'm seen as someone who can advise about using film in the literacy or maths curriculum.

CPD feedback was that teachers had no idea film activities were so straight-forward to do in class. They've requested ideas for linking film to their curriculum, so we plan to have a meeting to share ideas for their yearly plan. 

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