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Removing Traditional Barriers

Jonathan Torrens, Teacher, Ebrington Primary School

Full STEAM Ahead offered us an opportunity to bring new skills and ideas to our school. The project provided us with a fresh approach to teaching, particularly in literacy, and developed key ICT skills to use across the curriculum.

Initially we were slightly intimidated by the thought of film analysis and filmmaking as neither of us considered ourselves capable of delivering these elements in class. However, training days alleviated any concerns and we felt inspired by the variety of ideas, strategies and classroom resources demonstrated. The project's pace allowed time to experiment with ideas and in-school support was always appreciated. I was encouraged to think imaginatively about the way I delivered certain elements of the curriculum and the support was always there to clarify, offer suggestions and technical solutions. 

"The lessons inclusivity allowed every pupil to participate and very often children didn't realise they were ‘doing' literacy."

Jonathan Torrens, Key Stage 2 Teacher, Ebrington Primary School

Our professional development has been extensive and we're more confident trying new approaches with pupils. Children have embraced film literacy lessons and have clearly been motivated by follow-up activities. The lessons inclusivity allowed every pupil to participate and very often children didn't realise they were ‘doing' literacy.

Our own delivery of CPD training has opened doors for other teachers to integrate film into their teaching and hopefully we'll see literacy and ICT skills develop as each year group moves through the school. Each year group has been introduced to film analysis and offered lesson suggestions/resources. Next year, KS2 classes will have film lessons integrated formally into planning and staff will discuss skills development through each year group, with a matrix of lesson content or skills created to allow for progression.

I believe that filmmaking allows all pupils to know that they have a role to play and removes the traditional barriers to learning as they progress in their educational journey. After delivering film training CPD, we were encouraged by the enthusiasm and motivation from our staff, and feel that the film journey for Ebrington Primary School will continue on

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