The Black Hen

The Black Hen
The Black Hen




90 minutes




Nepali (English subtitles)

In the year 2001, a ceasefire brings a welcome pause for a war-torn village in northern Nepal caught up in an ongoing conflict between the government and a group of Maoist insurgents. Prakash and Kiran, two young boys from different social backgrounds, become inseparable best friends. Their time is spent raising a hen they have found, with the aim of selling its eggs to local residents. When the hen goes missing, the pair set out on a risky mission to try and retrieve her, but find themselves drawn dangerously close to the fragile ceasefire they had remained innocent of. A sensitive, moving and immersive story, with an observational style providing a child’s perspective on conflict and a culture very different to our own.

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12 Classification

Occasional gory images.

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