The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water
The Shape of Water




123 minutes


Romance, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Thriller


English / Russian

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Set in 1962 – the height of the Cold War – mute janitor Elisa works in a top-secret government research facility in Baltimore. Living alone in an apartment above a movie theatre, her only two friends are neighbour Giles – whom she watches old films with – and co-worker Zelda, who also acts as her interpreter at work. When the facility receives a mysterious amphibious creature in a tank, Elisa becomes curious and begins to covertly visit it, with the two forming a close unspoken bond. As government officials seek to exploit the creature for possible advantages in the Space Race against the Russians, Elisa plots to free the creature from captivity with the help of those around her. ‘The Shape of Water’ is a beautifully-designed blend of fantasy, romance and thriller from acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, exploring themes of prejudice and equality throughout history.

Unavailable to stream

Not all films are available to stream, however Into Film Clubs can still order this film on DVD below.

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15 Classification

Strong violence, language, sex, nudity.

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