Music and Soundtracking

Develop confidence and a range of strategies to work with film soundtracks across the curriculum.

Music and Soundtracking CPD
Music and Soundtracking CPD

Please Note: Due to ongoing safety concerns around COVID-19, we have taken the decision to suspend all face-to-face training for the time being. To continue to support you and your pupils, we are in the process of creating a range of free or low cost webinars to develop teaching and learning through film across the curriculum. Please check back soon for more information on our upcoming sessions and details on how to sign up.

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This session helps to develop confidence and a range of strategies to work with film soundtracks across the curriculum as stimulus to develop listening, discussion, analysis, reading, writing, composition and filmmaking skills. 

The session will provide activities and tools to encourage pupils to really listen to soundtracks, to visualise and hear sounds in film and written texts, create their own music and sounds to accompany film text and create pieces of writing using the language of sound.

Fun, practical and well-founded sound workshop. Will give confidence to work with music and sound-tracking in your classroom from day one.

Michelle Borda, Institute of Imagination, London

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