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Still from West Side Story
Still from West Side Story




Medium (5-11 activities)


England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

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21 June

This resource provides a selection of activities to use as a pick and mix to add into your lessons. All of the selected films feature are rich and accessible pieces that will excite students about the part that music plays in our enjoyment, understanding and creation of film. The film soundtracks that are featured in the activities have been selected from the current GCSE Music specifications, and would be ideal activities to support study at GCSE level or provide a taster for students before they embark on a GCSE Music qualification. The activities can also be used to support GCSE Media Studies and Music Appreciation as part of a General Studies qualification.

Watch Into Film's interactive Foley sound effects video, which is perfect as an introduction to this topic here:


Mae'r adnodd yma'n cynnig detholiad o weithgareddau i'w defnyddio yn eich gwersi. Mae'r holl ffilmiau sydd wedi cael eu dewis yn cynnwys darnau cyfoethog o gerddoriaeth ar gyfer eu mwynhad, dealltwriaeth a chreadigaeth ffilm. Mae'r traciau sain ffilm sy'n cael sylw yn y gweithgareddau wedi'u dewis o'r ar gyfer themau TGAU Cerddoriaeth, a byddent yn weithgareddau delfrydol i gefnogi astudio TGAU neu ddarparu rhagflas i fyfyrwyr cyn iddynt ddechrau cwrs. Gellir defnyddio'r gweithgareddau hefyd i gefnogi cwrs TGAU Astudiaiethau Cyfryngau.

Gwyliwch fideo rhyngweithiol ar effeithiau sain Foley gan Into Film, sy'n berffaith fel cyflwyniad i'r pwnc:

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  • Film Studies
  • Information Computing Technology
  • Media Studies
  • Moving Image Arts
  • Music

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