Sol: A Heart-Warming Children's film about Grief

11 Dec 2020

4 mins
New animated short about Grief
New animated short about Grief

Sol - an inspiring film about a little boy's journey through grief - is soon to premiere in the UK and the Republic of Ireland on the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice, Monday 21 December. 

The animated, 28-minute film aims to bring light and comfort to families with young children as the darkest year in modern times draws to a close, and you can now check out the trailer.

Sol is about remembering, with love, those we've lost, knowing we're not alone and encouraging families to talk about their loss. Far too many children and young people are experiencing grief this year, and so we wanted to create a moment to pause and reflect

BFI’s Head of Young Audiences Content Fund, Jackie Edwards

Sol was commissioned by Celtic broadcasters TG4, S4C and BBC ALBA and distributed by Aardman. It received funding from the government funded Young Audiences Content Fund, which is managed by the BFI and supports the creation of distinct, high-quality content for young audiences, and from Northern Ireland Screen's Irish Language Broadcast Fund and Screen Fund. The Albert calculator and sustainable production certification was used to measure and reduce the production's carbon footprint.

Recognising the need nationwide for such a topical film, multiple TV broadcasters have been brought together by the Young Audiences Content Fund to premiere Sol across seven platforms on the same day. Sol premieres on December 21st in Welsh, Irish and Scottish Gaelic at 18:30 S4C (in Welsh), TG4 (in Irish), BBC ALBA (in Scottish Gaelic) and at 19.30 on CITV.

Featuring a boy called Sol whose world is plunged into darkness when his beloved grandmother dies, the film explores the different aspects of grief (shock, yearning, disorientation and resolution) through the eyes of a child. But Sol's message is uplifting - sent on an urgent quest to find the light that has gone out in the world, Sol's adventurous journey enables him to realise his love for his grandmother is greater than the pain of his loss.

The film has been created as a vital and relevant resource to help children and families cope with grief and is especially poignant after such a difficult year nationwide. It is hoped that the storyline and characters will help spark conversations amongst teachers, parents and young children about how to manage your feelings after the death of a loved one.

Sol was created and produced by Belfast-based children's TV production company, Paper Owl Films. Creative Director, Grainne McGuinness, commented: 

"Now, more than ever, children need strong visual stories to help them deal with unfamiliar emotions and to inspire a way forward full of optimism."

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