Director and Producer of 'Cars 3' inspire young people

06 Nov 2017 in Behind the Scenes

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Director and Producer of 'Cars 3' inspire young people

If you missed summer's Disney blockbuster Cars 3 on the big screen don't worry it's out now on DVD. We were lucky enough to learn the filmmaking secrets behind our favourite racing car romp when the film's Director Brian Fee and Producer Kevin Reher spoke to young people at Sandhurst Junior School in Lewisham.

300 students aged 6-11 attended the event, in which - alongside a talk about the making of the film - the filmmakers showed behind the scenes images of how the cars were created and shared clips. The importance of trial-and-error in the animation process and the wide choice of potential career opportunities in the film industry were also key messages.

"It was very interesting to hear Kevin and Brian talking about how, in filmmaking, failure is an important part of the creative process", said teacher Richard Howes. "Trying out ideas and altering them as a project develops very much chimed with our whole school learning philosophy.

Lots of children were amazed at the time length and complexity of the animation process. Several students felt that what they had heard might inspire them to follow in their footsteps.

Being allowed to ask their own questions meant the children could focus on the aspects of filmmaking that interested them. As a result of this assembly there is now a waiting list for Film Club next year!"

The event was part of our ‘Behind-The-Scenes' industry visits programme, which enables young people from all backgrounds to have access to a creative professional whilst still at school - something which education experts regard as hugely valuable for raising aspirations and providing information about potential career opportunities.

It was wonderful to have this opportunity to talk to 300 students about filmmaking, to answer their questions and hopefully inspire them to believe that a career in film really is an option for them. I wish I'd had that kind of access to filmmakers when I was young.

Brian Fee, Director of 'Cars 3'

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