'Chasing Coral' director Jeff Orlowski talks climate change

07 Jun 2017

5 mins
'Chasing Coral' director Jeff Orlowski talks climate change

At the recent Sundance Festival in London, our reporter Ceyda caught up with filmmaker Jeff Orlowski, director of the beautiful and startling new documentary, Chasing Coral.

Chasing Coral sees Orlowski and his team of divers, photographers, filmmakers and scientists embark on a thrilling ocean adventure to discover why coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate, and to reveal this underwater mystery to the world.

In the interview above, Orlowski discusses his film - which won the Audience Award for documentary at this year's Sundance - and the wide-reaching impacts of global warming on the world's oceans and environment. He also offers practical advice on what the young people of today can do to take action and help combat climate change.

Find out more about Chasing Coral here

Chasing Coral (camera)

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