A Christmas Carol - An Into Film/BBFC Podcast

17 Dec 2019 BY Steven Ryder in Using Film to Teach...

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A Christmas Carol Triptych
A Christmas Carol Triptych

What better way to celebrate Christmas than with one of the most festive stories of all time? Spooky, joyous and full of life lessons, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens has become one of the most popular tales to revisit during the winter months and has also been adapted for film more than two dozen times over the last century.

With so many different versions telling the tale of Scrooge and his haunted journey into the past, present and future, it can be difficult to decide which version of A Christmas Carol to show to your classroom. Which adaptation is appropriate for primary school children? Which is the most faithful to the book? Which one is the most entertaining?

In order to answer these questions, Into Film has collaborated with the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) on a special Christmas podcast that takes a look at 3 of the most popular versions of A Christmas Carol and discusses their potential impact on a young audience. The three films discussed are:

  • Scrooge (1951)
  • A Christmas Carol (2009) 
  • The Muppets Christmas Carol (1992)

We hope that by giving this episode a listen, you will find it a lot easier to decide on which film to screen to your classroom over Christmas this year and beyond.


Steven Ryder, Curation Officer

Steven has an MA in Film Studies, Programming and Curation from the National Film and Television School. He has previously worked for various exhibitors around England and currently freelances as a film critic/podcaster.

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