'Clone Chase' is August's Film of the Month winner

26 Sep 2016

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'Clone Chase' is August's Film of the Month winner

We're delighted to announce that our Film of the Month winner for August 2016 is Clone Chase, by Brandon and Kyle, two young filmmakers from The Brakenhale School, in Berkshire.

Clone Chase (Suitable for 11+, contains threat and mild violence) is a heart-pumping short that creates tension through heady sound design and unnerving camera angles to give the impression that all is not as it should be. From lingering, paranoid shots and close-ups of the surroundings that contrast with the distorted visual effects used later, to the swift, pacy movements of the chase sequence, this short will leave you breathless and keeping one eye over your shoulder...

Captivating from start to end, with a great plot twist to outline a really simple but perfectly executed story, made all the better given that it's made by only two people, in charge of everything and doing it all with a lot of style, care and precision.

Into Film Judge

We caught up with Brandon, the film's director and editor, to get his reaction to winning this award: "I'm extremely happy to have found out I've won the Film of the Month competition. I looked at the other winners and thought 'no chance' but I did it anyway just in case. Clearly it was a very good decision to enter! I haven't stopped smiling ever since I got the call!

I've been making films ever since I got my hands on a camera. Not even an actual camera - a tiny old phone that could just about record video. I got it when I was about 8 years old and did all the editing with a slideshow creator. Now, 6 years on, I'm still making my videos and they've definitely improved a LOT which I'm very happy about."

You just need to work hard at it and show people just how important it is to you. Then you can achieve whatever you want. You need that sort of mindset.

Brandon, 14, young filmmaker

Brandon also took the opportunity to offer his advice to other young filmmakers: "My advice to young filmmakers is that (although rather cliché) you should NEVER give up. My videos when I started were admittedly quite terrible, but I really enjoyed it and was dedicated to achieving more and getting better and better. That's what I did; I watched tutorials and loads of behind the scenes videos - I've literally taught myself. It goes to show that if you really really want something then nothing can stop you, you just need to work hard at it and show people just how important it is to you. Then you can achieve whatever you want. You need that sort of mindset."

Brandon and Kyle's film will now be showcased to over 300,000 film club members online and on the Into Film YouTube channel, and the filmmakers have also secured a £100 Amazon voucher plus an Into Film goodie bag with which to help further develop their future films. If you've been inspired by August's winner, find out more about how you can enter our ongoing Film of the Month competition.

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