'Custody' leads this week's new releases

10 Apr 2018 in New Releases

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In a quiet week for cinema releases, leading the way is acclaimed French drama CustodyThough Miriam is prepared to let her 17-year-old daughter make her own decisions about how much she wants to see her father, she is less inclined to let 11-year-old Julien spend time with a man she claims has been abusive. However when the judge rules for joint custody, the two parents begin to use their child as a pawn throughout their bitter divorce battle in this taut and tense film.

New to order on DVD

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Having finally tracked down Luke Skywalker, Rey attempts to convince the Jedi master to train her in the ways of The Force. But the man she finds on the island of Ahch-To is not what she expected him to be. Meanwhile, The First Order may have been defeated, but the war is far from over. Kylo Ren's mysterious plans begin to reveal themselves, while Leia, Finn and Po - along with a host of new faces - must ensure The Resistance fights on.

Also new to order this week

The true story of Jeff Bauman is told in Stronger, in which Jake Gyllenhaal plays the man caught in the blast of the April 2013 Boston bombings who must re-build his life despite experiencing physical and psychological turmoil; Gook is set during the Los Angeles riots of 1992 and explores relationships between Korean-American and African-American communities; Sheep & Wolves is a family animation which sees a wolf seeking to become the new leader of his pack transform into a ram after drinking a magical potion, giving him a whole new outlook on life.

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