Mystery blockbuster 'Death on the Nile' leads February's new releases

04 Feb 2022 in New Releases

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Now we are into the second month of 2022, a year that seems as though it could be revitalising for cinemas, a hugely varied number of films are making their way to the big screen. From two critically lauded animations from Japan and Denmark to heartbreaking realism from Switzerland, February is high on quality blockbuster and international films for cinema-going audiences.

Death on the Nile - in cinemas 4 February

The evergreen Sir Kenneth Branagh both directs and stars as Hercule Poirot, the self-proclaimed world's greatest detective, in this intriguing and star-studded sequel. Coming off the the hugely successful 2017 film Murder on the Orient Express, Branagh's second outing as Poirot had been delayed due to the pandemic but is now finally getting a release with an all-new cast. This time, the mustachioed sleuth finds himself investigating a suspicious death on a riverboat steamer travelling down the Nile in Egypt, an adaptation of one of Agatha Christie's most beloved works.

Belle - in cinemas 4 February

For anyone who saw and enjoyed 2018's gorgeous Mirai, it's time to get excited because Mamoru Hosoda, who is gradually becoming one of the world's foremost anime directors, is back with another visually stunning fantasy parable. Loosely based on the ‘Beauty and the Beast' fairy tale, this modern interpretation marries a beautiful soundtrack with serious themes around identity, social media, and trauma. Belle follows a girl named Suzu as she gets caught up in fame and fortune with a new social media app whilst becoming intrigued by a destructive creature known as 'the Dragon'.

Flee - in cinemas 11 February

Nominated for two BAFTAs, Flee is a touching and deeply intimate documentary told in an inventive and adventurous style. Using a remarkable animation technique to recreate the events being narrated on screen, Flee is the story of Amin - who we see grow from a small boy in war-torn Afghanistan, escaping and journeying across the world - to a young man who ends up living and thriving in Denmark. All the while he must navigate the trauma of leaving his family behind and the blossoming acceptance of his homosexuality. A truly eye-opening and somewhat groundbreaking tale of what home means to different people.

La Mif -  in cinemas 25 February

Swiss drama La Mif (which translates to The Fam) is a hard-hitting portrayal of life in a shelter for troubled young girls. With many of these teenage girls growing into adulthood but struggling through their traumatic pasts, we are given insight into their cases alongside the issues faced by the staff employed to care for them. Written and directed by an ex-care worker and starring non-professional actors who truly embody their characters with a stunning credibility, the passion and realism contained in this film aims to shine a light on the difficulties and injustices faced by those within the care system.

More films released in February

Uncharted - 11 February

Tom Holland stars in this potentially rip-roaring adaptation of the popular video game series that sees explorer Nathan Drake on the search for an elusive treasure and information about his long lost brother. 

The Real Charlie Chaplin - 18 February

The rise of one of cinema's most recognisable icons is explored in this incredibly well researched documentary that begins in the Victorian slums of London before journeying to the early days of Hollywood and the burgeoning genre of silent comedy.

Cyrano - 25 February

The famous French play of 'Cyrano de Bergerac' is adapted for the big screen by British director Joe Wright, starring Peter Dinklage as the whip-smart poet who struggles to find the self-confidence to confess his feelings to the love of his life.

Rurangi - 25 February

After leaving home, a transgender man returns after ten years to confront the past that he left behind in this New Zealand-set LGBTQ+ film. Its queer-positive message and exploration of trans issues make it a valuable and insightful addition to this month's cinema releases.

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