Explore Diversity in your club this Autumn term

20 Sep 2016

3 mins
Beasts of the Southern Wild
Beasts of the Southern Wild

Our ongoing theme running throughout this Autumn term is Diversity, and much of our activity and content will be presented with this in mind. We're promoting diversity in many forms, with emphasis on five elements: ethnicity, disability, gender, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status.

Diversity is something that all of us will experience in some form, and the UK's diverse make-up means that many children and young people will have vastly different experiences to one another, be it in multicultural communities, or socioeconomically disadvantaged areas, or as a result of their own disability or orientation.

Film is a powerful tool that can help young people to understand and empathise with those different from themselves by engaging with their stories on screen. To support this theme, we have collated together relevant and engaging resources, film lists, screenings and filmmaking opportunities to help educators use film to celebrate and explore diversity. Check out our Diversity theme page below to browse all of our related activity.

Film tells the great stories of our histories, our lives today and of other cultures. It helps us to better understand the world and see things through the eyes of others.

Paul Reeve, Into Film CEO

The upcoming Into Film Festival (November 9 - 25) will also have themes of diversity woven throughout the programme, with two strands - See It, Be It and Black Star - tying in directly. See It, Be It will explore aspirational and positive role models, celebrating strength in all aspects of diversity, while Black Star is a specially selected strand to complement the BFI's own Black Star season, celebrating the performances of Black actors and their contributions to film history, as well as stories that engage with Black History. Both of these strands will be highlighted by major new film releases this year.

The Festival also boasts free screenings of numerous other films with strong links to Diversity, ranging from the likes of Frozen, The Jungle Book, Oliver and Annie for younger audiences, and for older viewers, films including Africa UnitedGBT (Gay Best Friend), Carol, Belle, Hotel Rwanda, 12 Years a Slave, and many more.

As well as Black History Month in October, this term also sees the European Day of Language (26 Sept), International Day of Person's with Disabilities (3 Dec), International Migrant's Day (18 Dec) and Anti-Bullying Week (14 - 19 Nov), all of which have strong ties to Diversity and which you can use the resources collected on our Diversity theme page to explore in your class or club.

Want to show films that highlight Diversity in your film club? Explore our series of recommended films and film lists themed around the varied areas of Diversity.

These curated lists and accompanying resources and film guides will enable teachers and club leaders to select those most suited to the needs and interests of their group.

Remember that all films are free to order if you have an Into Film Club, so why not set one up today?

Film club plays an important role in exposing students to different cultural practices and beliefs, allowing them a glimpse of the world beyond their local environment, challenging perspectives and promoting respect.

Film club leader, Exmouth

A note to all educators - Into Film have made the decision to capitalise the B when making any reference to Black people and groups, as will be done with other ethnic group categorisations. This important mark of acknowledgment and respect has been embraced by several high-profile sites and style guides over the last few years and is now an official part of the Gov.UK Writing about Ethnicity Guidelines.

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