‘Early Man’ cast interviews led by Eddie Redmayne

22 Jan 2018

3 mins
Early Man Aarony with Eddie Redmayne
Early Man Aarony with Eddie Redmayne

To celebrate the release of Aardman's Early Man, reporter Aarony (15) joined the press tour to spend some time with actors Eddie Redmayne, Maisie Williams and Rob Brydon, who provide voices for the film. Find out what they had to share about the animation process, their favourite historical period and which tribe they see themselves identifying with most.

Watch our videos below to find out what Aarony got up to in the interview.

Early Man is the latest picture from legendary stop-motion animation studio Aardman, the geniuses behind films like Shaun the Sheep the Movie and The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists. In their new film, a tribe of plucky Stone Age cavemen are kicked out of their home as the Bronze Age begins to threaten their way of life, leading to an all-or-nothing game of the newly invented sport of football that will decide their future...

Discover more fun with Eddie and Maisie by visiting our Get Into Film Channel.

Early Man is out in cinemas 26 January.

Eddie Redmayne interview

Maisie Williams interview

Rob Brydon interview

Aarony's review of Early Man

I had the pleasure of watching ‘Early Man', not expecting anything more than just a fun, goofy children's film, but I was beyond wrong. This light hearted stop-motion film explores the life of Dug, alongside with his small companion Hognob, trying to stop the enemy Lord Nooth from taking his land, and it's jam-packed with endless amounts of fun.

The story is set in England in the bronze age, which limits how many modern-day things could be incorporated into the film, but that wasn't a problem for the director Nick Park. One thing I picked up on was how he cleverly made everyday bugs and objects be turned into items we would use now in the 21st century. From beetle razors to caterpillar shoes, this is definitely something to look out for when watching the film.

One thing I really liked was the individuality of characters. Each caveman had their own personality, their own likes, dislikes, strengths and even weaknesses. I thought this was really nice as it added to the film quite a lot. With different characters it meant that there were a lot of funnier jokes and it meant that we, as an audience, were able to connect with the film more and empathise with the characters as we see them develop throughout the film.

All in all, I think ‘Early Man' is a great film for both kids and adults. It has a good balance of kids jokes and adult ones too. It also holds a lovely message that if you put in the effort and work as a team, you will succeed. I hope everyone on January 26th leaves their modern lives for just an hour and a half to travel back in time to the stone age.

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