Charming period romance Emma. leads this week's new releases

14 Feb 2020 in New Releases

3 mins

Based on one of the best-loved English-language novels of the 19th century, Jane Austen's energetic tale of romance and youthful recklessness is brought back to the big screen with modern flair. 

Emma Woodhouse is a well-to-do young woman living in a small town during Georgian-and-Regency-era England. Believing that she has a particular skill in romantic matchmaking, she takes it upon herself to become involved in the love lives of her friends and family, her often misguided tactics causing social chaos and confusion. Nevertheless, Emma must navigate through the pains of growing up to realise what love and romance really means to her in this mischievous and engaging social satire that retains its warmth and wit despite being written over two hundred years ago.

Also out in cinemas this week

Sonic the Hedgehog; Ghost; The Lost Boys

In 1991, the Japanese video game developer SEGA released Sonic the Hedgehog, a game about a blue hedgehog who could run at magnificent speeds. This film marks Sonic's big screen, live-action debut as our wisecracking, spiky hero enlists the help of a small-town police officer to help him evade capture from government officials, including the diabolical Dr. Robotnik who has plans to experiment on the one-of-a-kind Sonic.This action packed and colourful adaptation is true to the spirit of the original video game series whilst managing to send out strong messages about using your skills for good and adapting to new situations.

Two re-releases of classic films as well this week, one perfect for Valentine's weekend and the other not so much. Ghost, a hugely popular supernatural love story from the 90's, sees a man return from the afterlife to attempt a re-connection with the woman he was in love with. The Lost Boys, meanwhile, is a cult classic telling the wonderfully 80's story of two young boys who move to a Californian coastal town and come face to face with a group of vampire bikers.

New to DVD this week

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

With some strange activity occurring on Mossy Bottom Farm and the surrounding area, Shaun and his fellow sheep stumble upon the cause; an alien who has been in hiding since she crashed on Earth.

Despite having no common language, the creatures attempt to communicate and slowly begin to understand each other, while also learning that the alien has the ability to mimic sounds such as laughter and screams. Shaun and his friends soon realise that the alien, named LU-LA, is attempting to recover her spaceship so that she can return to her home planet and be reunited with her family. However, with Mossingham's alien-hunting agency on their trail, Shaun and LU-LA must act quickly if they are to succeed in their mission!

Also out on DVD this week

Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion; Abominable; Joker; Giant Little Ones; Mr. Jones

An incredibly diverse and enjoyable selection of films becomes available on DVD this week beginning with the new animated Asterix film from France as everyone's favourite Gaul is sent on a mission to recover the ingredients to his village's secret potion. The beautifully animated Abominable, meanwhile, roars onto cinema screens to tell the story of a young girl from Shanghai who takes it upon herself to help a yeti return to his family in the snow-covered Himalayas.

One of 2019's biggest box office successes, Joker, aims to tell the origin story of Batman's most infamous villain whilst also tackling the subject of mental health, starring Joaquin Phoenix in his Oscar® winning role as the Clown Prince of Crime. Giant Little Ones, meanwhile, approaches the subject teenage sexuality and empathy by telling the story of two popular male high schoolers who see their friendship tested after a drunken encounter. 

Lastly, Mr. Jones tells the true story of a Welsh journalist who travels to Russia in the 1930s to interview the larger-than-life political figure of Joseph Stalin, stumbling upon a scandal during his time there. Full of mystery and intrigue, this is the perfect film for those interested in journalism, history and ethics.

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