Welsh dramedy Eternal Beauty leads this week's new cinema releases

02 Oct 2020 in New Releases

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Eternal Beauty
Eternal Beauty

Approaching the subject of mental illness is a difficult task for any filmmaker but, if done right, can be a very rewarding experience for the audience. Craig Roberts, well-known as an actor and protagonist of the indie hit Submarine, directs his second feature film with Eternal Beauty, a comedy-drama about a woman who begins to suffer from schizophrenia after she is jilted on her wedding day. 

Starring the incredible Sally Hawkins and with charismatic supporting performances from the ever reliable Morfydd Clark and David Thewlis, this dark comedy takes a difficult subject matter and tackles it with the warmth and wit needed to generate empathy and not ridicule. 

Also out in cinemas this week

A Perfectly Normal Family

This Danish drama takes an equally tough discussion as the aforementioned film - this time one of transition in an LGBTQ+ space - but engages in an accessible and upbeat way for audiences. Emma is the youngest of her siblings and going through her own issues of maturation only to find out that her father has decided to live as a transgender woman, creating division within the family. Emma and her siblings deal with the aftermath of their father's decision in various positive and negative ways in this valuable film that aims to open up a discourse about the experiences of transgender people and their families.

New on DVD this week

Jojo Rabbit

Directed by Taika Waititi, the filmmaker behind Hunt for the WilderpeopleJojo Rabbit re-imagines the end of World War Two in Nazi Germany. This is the comedic story of a ten year old boy whose imaginary friend happens to be none other than Adolf Hitler, but when he forms a friendship with a Jewish girl he starts to rethink everything he has been told. Controversial but thoughtful in many ways too, the film focuses on the effect that war and propaganda can have on the young. 

Also out on DVD this week

Jumanji: The Next Level; A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood; Spies in Disguise

Round off this week's releases, we have the larger-than life sequel Jumanji: The Next Level which sees four intrepid teenager revisit the magical game that transports them to a dangerous jungle. Familiar faces such as The Rock and Kevin Hart are joined this time by Danny DeVito and Awkwafina in this hugely entertaining action-adventure. A change of pace takes us to the gentle but insightful drama A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood starring Tom Hanks, which takes a dive into the life of American children's entertainer Mr. Rogers through the eyes of a depressed journalist who seeks to find out what makes this man beloved by so many, young and old. Finally, Spies in Disguise is an oddball animated film that finds the world's greatest spy turned into a pigeon by a scientist that nevertheless opens up discussions about treating others with respect and the significance of technology in society.

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