'Extra Curricula Activities' is September's Film Of The Month

17 Oct 2016 in Film of the Month

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'Extra Curricula Activities' is September's Film Of The Month

We're pleased to announce that our Film of the month winner for September 2016 is Extra Curricula Activities, made by students from Clydeview Academy in Scotland.

Suitable for 11+ (for subject matter and infrequent mild bad language), Extra Curricular Activities features great comic timing and an understated script, making it a fun, satirical short that questions the place and application of rules within school life - even when they might unexpectedly work to your advantage. 

I thought the DOPs did a great job - excellent camerawork! There are some funny lines in there too and the sound recording is very good.

Film of the Month Judge on 'Extra Curricular Activities'

We caught up with the film's writer, director and editor - 16 year old student Lewis - to find out what winning Film of the Month means to him as a filmmaker, and what being a part of a film club has done to inspire him.

"Being a part of Clydeview Academy Film Club has bettered my understanding of film through the resources and talented people who are a part of it. The club has given me access to many creative opportunities through those talented people who helped to act as well as coordinate on not only the films I was making, but also the smaller "week-to-week" projects that have been going on for 3-4 years now. 

Furthermore, the experience of making films has given me a greater enjoyment of the ones I've already loved. This shows how much these films triumphed despite all the difficulties that came with making them."

Now that I've won it feels great and is the first time I've been awarded for making a film. It gives me greater incentive to go out and make more films in the future.

Lewis, 16 - Film of the Month winner

Talking about what inspired him to enter, Lewis said: "I entered Film of the Month on the recommendation of Sean McLaughlan, the teacher behind the Clydeview Film Club, who encouraged me to try and show the film to a wider audience. I've been making films on my own since around 2009-2010 when I was given a second-hand video camera by my grandparents. I started making small ‘home-movies' around the house with Lego sets. Then I joined Clydeview Academy Film Club in 2012 where I helped make films around the school with other people. When I was younger I was very much enamoured with Doctor Who and wanted to tell stories on my own. I then saw Fantastic Mr Fox (the Wes Anderson film) in 2009 which I loved and wanted to make films like that."

Lewis also had the following advice for other new and aspiring filmmakers: "Just have the story in mind you want to tell and how you want to tell it. Don't get wrapped up in things such as needing the 'right' equipment or what other people are going to think. Just go out there and make the film you want to make."

And finally, Lewis told us about his own favourite films: Choosing a favourite film is a hard question but I really like the films of Wes Anderson, the French New Wave and American Independent films. My favourite are either Moonrise Kingdom or Breathless."

Lewis' film will now be showcased to over 300,000 film club members online and on the Into Film YouTube channel, and Lewis has also secured a £100 Amazon voucher plus an Into Film goodie bag with which to help further develop his future films. If you've been inspired by September's winner, find out more about how you can enter our ongoing Film of the Month competition.

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