AI documentary 'iHuman' leads this week's new releases

11 Dec 2020 in New Releases

3 mins

Digging into the ever-growing world of artificial intelligence and its current role within society, this eye-opening documentary explores its dangerous implications on a global scale.

Technology is such an intrinsic part of our everyday life nowadays that it's often difficult to see how it can be used and manipulated in unethical and potentially catastrophic ways. No longer simply associated with bulky robots, artificial intelligence is an expanding arena that can be used in beneficial or destructive ways. Interviewing some of the key leaders and innovators in the AI industry, this documentary focuses on some of the frightening implications intelligence systems can have on areas such as privacy and human identity. 

Also out in cinemas this week


Inspired by and produced during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this thriller set in 2024 imagines a world in which a new mutation of the virus has been named COVID-24. Fear of getting sick has led governments to take a tougher stance on the population, forcing infected people into quarantine zones called Q-camps against their will. Amongst the chaos and uncertainty, a young courier, immune to the virus, attempts to make his way across Los Angeles to reunite with his girlfriend who may have been infected. Although perhaps a frightening watch during current times, Songbird also highlights how quickly society can adapt to new challenges.

Please check that the cinema you are intending to visit is open and visit their website for the latest guidance on social distancing and how to make your visit as safe as possible.

New on DVD this week


Mulan is the much-anticipated live-action adaptation of the Disney animation which brings the story to a new audience and takes the action to epic levels. Mulan is a bright and adventurous young woman who is at odds with society's limiting views of young women as delicate and needing to be at the service of potential husbands. When the Emperor of China sends soldiers to recruit a man from every family, Mulan disguises herself as one to prevent her frail father from getting hurt.

Also out on DVD this week

How to Build a Girl; 100% Wolf

A more conventional coming-of-age film, How To Build a Girl is an adaptation of the novel by Caitlin Moran, whose own experiences growing up inspired the book. Set in 1990 Wolverhampton, the film follows 16-year-old Johanna who longs for a different life. Tired of her chaotic working-class home and inspired by the idols who adorn her bedroom walls - from Sylvia Plath to Maria Von Trapp - she sets out to become a writer, soon learning she may have to reinvent herself if she is to fulfill her dream.

Meanwhile, for primary audiences, 100% Wolf is a spooky animation about a little werewolf who just can't wait for his first transformation. But when the day finally comes, a series of unfortunate events finds Freddy turning into an adorable poodle instead! After his father disappears and his uncle attempts to take over the werewolf clan, Freddy must find a way to transform back to restore his family's honour.

New film guides for our members 

Little Women (2019); Jumanji: The Next Level; Tokyo Godfathers; The Croods

We have four new film guides available to download, two of which are recent hits as well as two animations. 

Explore subjects including English Literature, Film Studies, and History with Little Women; Media Studies, PSHE Education, and Film Studies with Jumanji: The Next Level; PSHE Education and Film Studies with Tokyo Godfathers (which can be used alongside our Christmas quiz activities!); and PSHE Education, Design and Technology, and History with The Croods.

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