Villainous origin story Joker leads this week's new releases

04 Oct 2019 in New Releases

3 mins

One of fiction's most famous villains gets an origin story in this dark comic-book adaptation that asks questions of mental illness, fame, crime and social behaviour.

Arthur Fleck is an aspiring stand-up comic living in Gotham City who cannot seem to catch a break. Suffering from a condition that makes him break out into maniacal laughter whenever he is anxious, Arthur's fragile mental state becomes unstable after he is told his funding for psychiatric support is going to be cancelled. With his life on the edge, Arthur adopts a new persona as ‘the Joker' and turns to a life of crime that will see him rise to the fame he always craved.

Also out in Cinemas


This biopic looks at the final years of one of Hollywood's most admired stars. Far from her cheerful and picture-perfect image, this film explores the hardships Judy Garland faced largely as a result of her fame as a child actor and traumatic early life. A touching drama on what made the actor such an enigmatic performer that also touches on her important role as an icon to many outsiders and the LGBTQ+ community.

New to Order on DVD


This fantastical biopic on the life of flamboyant and charismatic musician Elton John follows his journey from humble beginnings living in a Middlesex council home to his big breakthrough in America.

The film does not shy away from depicting the singer-songwriter's public struggles with alcohol, drugs and other addictions, while also touching on the impact of an LGBT pop star reaching fans across the world during a more conservative time. It also includes a series of performances of Elton John's endless musical hits performed brilliantly by Taron Egerton with all the stagecraft and vibrant costumes the star is known for.

Also out on DVD this week


Two work-focused teenagers decide to end their high-school experience with a bang once they realise they've had no fun. Witty, funny and triple F-rated, Olivia Wilde's directorial debut Booksmart is a progressive coming-of-age comedy about friendships, fitting in, and discovering your own path through adolescence.

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