LEGO® Batman Builders competition: The winners

06 Apr 2017

3 mins
The LEGO® Batman Movie poster + logos
The LEGO® Batman Movie poster + logos

To celebrate the release of the hilarious The LEGO® Batman Movie earlier this year, we asked young people to draw their own hero symbol, just like Batman's, and accompany it with a description of their own heroic alter-ego, detailing their special abilities and hero values. After an absolute deluge of entries - sincerely a super-heroic effort from all of you - we finally managed to select a winner and four runners-up.

Overall Winner - Brainstorm

Congratulations to Alex, from Eaton House the Manor School in London, whose entry for his alter-ego Brainstorm was selected from over 6,000 entries as the overall winner. Alex's class has won a private screening of The LEGO® Batman Movie at a local cinema near them!

Got a problem that you're itching to solve? Then Brainstorm is the man you need! Brainstorm can solve any conundrum in seconds! He has a lazor gun he uses to steal knowledge and give it to the citizens. He helps anyone who deserves to be helped.

LEGO® Batman Competition Winner - Brainstorm

Second Prize - Insta-Gran

Second prize goes to Phoebe, from Knowsley Junior School in Oldham, for her wonderful grandmotherly superhero alter-ego. Phoebe has won a fantastic tablet for her entry.

Between fighting crime and going to bingo, Insta-Gran loves taking selfies with her criminals. Her x-ray glasses means she can see through walls to catch the criminals fast.

LEGO® Batman Competition Winner - Insta-Gran

Runner-up - Rapid Ralph

Congratulations to Becky, from St. Margaret of Scotland Primary in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, whose alter-ego Rapid Ralph has earned her an official The LEGO® Batman Movie merchandise goody bag. 

My superhero's special ability is super speed. Ralph's ability is activated when he presses a button on his "warp watch" (which is one of his gadgets). Rapid Ralph's values are: persistence, honesty and justice.

LEGO® Batman Competition Winner - Rapid Ralph

Runner-up - Telequality

Congratulations to Shreya, from Oxford High School, whose alter-ego uses her special abilities to effect real world change, and who wins an official The LEGO® Batman Movie merchandise goody bag.

My hero's ability is to teleport around the world to save girls who are struggling with sexism. She values equality as she had a sexist childhood and feels like no one else should experience that.

LEGO® Batman Competition Winner - Telequality

Runner-up - Aquagirl

And last but not least, congratulations to Jumanah, whose alter-ego Aquagirl, who rather than fighting crime, combats the equally crucial issue of environmentalism and helping those in need gain access to clean water. Jumanah also wins an official The LEGO® Batman Movie merchandise goody bag.

Aquagirl is a saviour to a majority of people on the planet. Most people rely on her to give them clean and fresh water every day! She gives those in poverty who can't have clean water ultimate clean water forever. Her personality is kind, sweet and energetic.

LEGO® Batman Competition Winner - Aquagirl

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