French thriller Les Misérables leads this week's new releases

04 Sep 2020 in New Releases

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Les Miserables (2020)
Les Miserables (2020)

After a lengthy hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cinemas are finally re-opening again around the country. One of the biggest industries in the world has been effectively shut down over the last six months, an unprecedented and unpredictable situation, the likes of which has not been seen since the days of the Second World War. However, with the most anticipated films of the year preparing to take their rightful place on the cinema screen, now seems like the best time for Into Film to begin highlighting some of the new, upcoming releases for us all to get excited about.

The release of Christopher Nolan's Tenet this week has kicked off a slew of new, additional cinema releases that are reinvigorating venues around the country. Every cinema will have it's own safety rules regarding the COVID-19 pandemic so Into Film recommend you visit the website of your chosen venue before visiting to see any of these films going forward.

This week we look at a thrilling French drama exploring contemporary societal issues, a teen superhero adaptation and a Brazilian LGBTQ+ drama - the variety of cinema truly is back.

Les Misérables

Inspired by the 2005 Paris riots, Les Misérables is an energetic thriller which provokes discussions around citizenship, law enforcement, and the role of the police in society. The film primarily follows Stéphane, who joins the Anti-Crime Squad in Montfermeil   located in the suburbs of Paris where Victor Hugo set his renowned novel Les Misérables and is assigned to a team with the hot-headed Chris and the experienced Gwada. Immediately he recognises that tensions are running high between law enforcement and local youth gangs on the streets, with his colleagues doing little to diffuse these hostilities. When the trio find themselves overrun during the course of an arrest and their brutal response is captured by a drone, Stéphane's loyalties are put to the test as his partners demand that he cover for them and their violent actions. 

Les Misérables is in cinemas now.

The New Mutants

A superhero film made more exclusively for teen audiences, The New Mutants is a long-awaited adaptation of a popular graphic novel which introduces new, young characters to the X-Men universe. After surviving a tornado which destroys her reservation and leads to the death of her father, a young Native American girl named Danielle Moonstar wakes up in a hospital run by Dr. Cecilia Reyes who reveals to Dani that she is a mutant. There, she meets four others like her, of a similar age, and each with their own particular power. With a talented young cast, The New Mutants leans more into the teen-horror genre than any other superhero film made yet, giving it a unique and intriuging style.

The New Mutants is in cinemas now.

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This Brazilian drama was co-written, produced and acted entirely by at-risk teens with the support of UNICEF and depicts the difficult realities faced by racialised young people from low income families, while also exploring themes of sexuality and maturation into adulthood. The film begins after a Black 15-year-old teenager suddenly loses his mother and must fend for himself on the coast of São Paulo, Brazil. Without the support of his estranged father and conscious to not be found by social services Sócrates urgently needs to find work in order to pay the rent on a run-down apartment. Without any time to grieve his loss, Sócrates quickly finds himself in dangerous situations while meeting others, that like him, are marginalised within society. 

Sócrates is in cinemas now.

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We hope you look forward to enjoying and exploring the many treats cinemas has to offer when you feel ready and safe to do so; for more info on new requirements, procedures and safety protocols, please visit individual cinema websites as many venues will be operating under individual protocols. For more general information, please visit the LoveCinema homepage.

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