Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

14 May 2018

3 mins
Mental Health Foundation's Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 Logo
Mental Health Foundation's Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 Logo

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week takes place in 2018 from 14 - 20 May and is this year based around the theme of 'stress'. To mark Mental Health Awareness Week we have re-launched our Mental Wellbeing page, which houses a wealth of news articles, film lists, resources and more, all focused on helping educators and young people engage with mental health issues.

Two-thirds of us will experience a mental health problem in our lives, and stress is often a key contributor. With SATs and GCSE's also having begun this week, the exam season is upon us, and both educators and young people need to be particularly aware of both the potential mental health issues that come with stress and the various ways that we can help fortify our own mental wellbeing.

For teachers, there is increasing government awareness of the extremely high stress levels and workloads they face, as well as the impact this can have on a school's retention of teachers. The Mental Health foundation has a variety of fascinating pages exploring this theme, from How to manage and reduce stress and My stress footprint to Stress: are we coping?

Into Film has also compiled a range of mental health articles for our newly updated Mental Wellbeing page, which can be found below, including one from Georgia Dodson, our Youth Mental Health Ambassador.

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