Join us for free preview screenings of Oscar-nominated drama 'Mustang'

19 Apr 2016

2 mins

As part of our Respect theme, and to help promote and support access to foreign language film in the UK, we're working with BFI FAN (Film Audience Network) and Curzon Artificial Eye to host several free preview screenings of Oscar-nominated drama Mustang.

Mustang is an internationally co-produced drama in the Turkish language that follows a group of five young sisters, whose innocent celebrations on the last day of term are deemed to be unseemly and inappropriate by the grown-ups in their society. As a result, the girls are kept under lock and key and made to live maidenly, austere lives, against which they each seek ways to rebel and regain their freedom of expression.

With our current theme being Respect, Mustang's story offers a fantastic opportunity to discuss and explore this topic, given the adult characters' mistrust and suppression of the young girls and the lack of respect for their rights. Nominated this year's Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, Mustang is at its heart a story of respect for women, for expression, and for individuality. Find out more about Mustang here.

Our preview screenings of Mustang are taking place simultaneously on Thursday 5 May 2016, and are entirely free to attend for teachers and club leaders - whether you intend to bring a whole class, a club, or just individuals - but keep in mind that the film is rated 15.

Numbers are limited, so be sure to book as soon as possible. Find further details about the screenings and book your places below:

Watch the trailer for Mustang below, and be sure to explore the rest of our Respect theme here.

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