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05 Mar 2020

3 mins
This resource explores how light travels and the way that light and shadow
This resource explores how light travels and the way that light and shadow

This week (2 - 7 March) marks National Careers Week 2020, and we are delighted to present several brand new careers-focused resources - as well as revamped versions of our existing careers resources.

These resources are aimed at 7-14-year-olds and link to many areas of the curriculum. Our brand new resources detail how careers in film can be linked to learning in geographyscience and design & technology, while our existing careers resources focused on English/literacymathsPSHEart and design, and P.E. have all had a revamp to make them even more relevant and engaging.

This year, National Careers Week has a central theme of Hope, and is addressing the concerns and worries of young people today as they look to the future. We understand that looking to the future can be daunting for young people and we strive to encourage educators and young people to consider the vast opportunities available in the film industry. 

The film industry is in need of new entrants who have transferable skills, in particular looking at areas of work where the industry has large skills gaps. Managerial and leadership skills, financial skills, budgeting, project management, planning, and organisational skills have all been identified as contributing to general skills gaps and causing major concern. Specific jobs that have been identified as hard to recruit for in the industry include: Assistant Director, Art Director, Production Coordinator, and Locations Manager, and we have resources that bring these job roles to life and develop specific skills needed in these roles.

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You can also refer to our joint-funded Who Makes A Film? resource. Created with ScreenSkills, this map gives an overview of the different departments found in the film industry and can help your students understand where specific roles sit.

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