Building Self-Confidence and Inclusivity with Into Film Clubs

14 Sep 2021 in Into Film Club of the Month

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Into Film Club Member with Lightsaber
Into Film Club Member with Lightsaber

Our latest Into Film Club spotlight falls upon Tony McIntyre, who has been running his Into Film Club at the Cumbernauld campus of New College Lanarkshire in Scotland for over two years. Below, Tony talks to us about how his club took to virtual sessions during lockdown, as well as the positive impact he has seen in his club members since they joined.

What inspired you to start your Into Film Club?

We wanted to widen the range of optional subjects available to our 16-19-year-old students who have additional support needs. I discovered Into Film on the web, and when I saw its mission, I realised we were a perfect match. Like Into Film, we wanted to respond to and engage learners' interest in films for educational, cultural and personal development.

What do you enjoy about running an Into Film Club?

I thoroughly enjoy how Into Film Clubs enable inclusive classrooms and inclusive pedagogies, so that all students can participate in their own way, develop their self-confidence and share different points of view. And they have fun!

How has the way you run your club changed this past year?

In this pandemic year, we've run our Into Film Club lessons online using Zoom, and the films have mostly been watched by learners at home in the week prior. BBC iPlayer and All4 have been our preferred services for equitable access to viewing.

Have you seen any positive changes in your club members since they joined?

Yes, I have noticed very good learner progress. Our club has been a catalyst for the active participation of the students in the lessons; learning together, sharing knowledge, expressing different points of view, thinking critically and boosting self-confidence. 

Remote virtual classes have also created some unexpected opportunities through virtual video learning to share movie fun. For example, a few spontaneous moments have come about. Before watching Local Hero, a student and his mum told the class that they actually know the film location very well, as their dad is from Camusdarach, which was used for Local Hero's beach setting. 

And, in the photos above, you can see Aidan, one of our club members who volunteered to talk to us about his Stars Wars collectibles, with a light sabre demonstration followed by a class review of the Stars Wars movie series.

Have you used any Into Film resources?

Yes, as well as ordering DVDs, we've used the website resources, including various film guides, presentation slides, and the Film Buff Challenge resource. We also invited Into Film Scotland's programme officer to visit us virtually; the students relished these external virtual visits.

Which films have gone down well at your Into Film Club? 

The Japanese animated feature Your Name, North by Northwest, Local Hero, 1917 and Mad Max Fury Road.

What are your future plans for your Into Film Club? 

We aim to return to on-campus learning in the new academic year, when we are going to try the new Into Film+ streaming platform and explore podcast recordings to make some student film reviews.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting an Into Film Club?

Show and encourage diverse forms of learner film reviews - such as verbal, posters, YouTube, IMDb and podcasts - as well as more traditional written blogs and webpage articles.

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