‘Migration’ soars into cinemas leading February‘s new releases

31 Jan 2024 in New Releases

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Hibernation vibes begone! February is the perfect time to get inspired on invigorating adventures through the medium of film, while still enjoying the cosiness and comfort of the cinema. Brand new animations present daring animals on the move, while the dramatic antics of ground-breaking writers and lyricists are captured through both fiction and documentary features. We've outlined this month's most relevant and entertaining films for young audiences that are also packed with handy educational messages.

Migration (U) - in cinemas Friday 2 February 2024

From the makers of the Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets films comes a whirlwind animation featuring a flock of ducks who get derailed on their migration journey. The Mallard family is in a bit of rut. While dad Mack is content to keep his family safe paddling around their New England pond forever, mum Pam is eager to shake things up and show their kids - teen son Dax and duckling daughter Gwen - the whole wide world. They convince Mack to take to the skies and venture South for the winter, but their well-laid plans quickly go awry.

To celebrate the release of Migration, Into Film, Universal Pictures and Illumination invite you and your pupils to soar with a new learning adventure, Migration: Habitat Heroes. Our free two-lesson sequence draws on Migration's themes to support learning objectives across science, geography, art & design, PSHE, citizenship and English/literacy. 

Argylle (12A) - in cinemas Friday 2 February 2024

The writer Lord Byron once reflected: "Tis strange - but true; for truth is always strange; Stranger than fiction; if it could be told, how much would novels gain by the exchange!" The playful exchange between literature and the real world is at the centre of this exciting new spy action comedy. Elly Conway, a novelist who likes the quiet life, discovers that the plots of her books are mirroring (or is it predicting?) the true goings-on of a clandestine underground syndicate. She and her cat are hurtled into an adventure full of high-speed chases and explosive secrets as they try and evade the rattled egos of the not-so-fictious world of espionage.

The Jungle Bunch World Tour (U) - in cinemas Friday 9 February 2024

This colourful sequel to the 2017 film based on a French animated series sees the return of the Jungle Bunch, a ragtag team of animals who make it their mission to protect all creatures and the environment from evil. Maurice, a courageous penguin who thinks that he is a tiger, and his friends are confronted with a mysterious pink foam that has seeped through the jungle. It proves to be dangerously reactive to water, and with the approach of the rainy season, the gang must race to distant lands to find an antidote. The animal superhero adventure offers a delightful and accessible entry point for discussions about protecting natural habitats. 


Your Fat Friend (15) - in cinemas Friday 9 February 2024

American blogger and activist Aubrey Gordon, who gained thousands of followers writing online about her many experiences related to fatness, is the subject of this revealing documentary by British filmmaker Jeanie Finlay (Seahorse: The Dad Who Gave Birth). As a self-described fat person, Aubrey talks about the prejudice she's experienced on aeroplanes, during medical appointments, and even from well-intentioned friends and family who don't realise the undermining effect of their words. The documentary also tackles issues such as online bullying and follows Aubrey as she prepares to publish her first book. Candid and empathetic, the film serves as a constructive guide for self-acceptance and how to conduct inclusive conversations.


Bob Marley: One Love (12A) - in cinemas Monday 12 February 2024

Hot on the heels of Oscar-nominated biopics Oppenheimer, Maestro, and Napoleon, this major biographical film focuses on enduring reggae sensation Bob Marley. Charting the musician's rise to fame, the film spotlights a time in his life when political tension in Jamaica lead Marley to use the power of music to encourage peace and unity. This simple yet brazen act of defiance sets off a chain of dangerous events that will test Marley's philosophy to the limit. Produced in partnership with the singer's family, this film explores the humanity and vulnerability of a global icon and draws attention to a highly influential chapter in music history.

Into Film is pleased to present school groups with the opportunity to experience Bob Marley: One Love on the big screen as part of our free Spring Screenings.
Discover the full programme of UK-wide events here.

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